AGORA IS an space for international meeting and conexión, integrating pre-universitary educational/training levels, University, as well as the acts composing the later social-professional environment . It is therefore an area where these three levels are integrated, following logic coordinations, aiming to enhance the competence-based achievement in a world learning context based in


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NetAgora menu


The first thing to do, in order to geta ll the benefits associated to the I International Agora Internacional on Education, Research and Employmentyis to make the free SIGNING-UP You can accesss that by going to the menu “NetAgora-Signing-up“.


Once signed, the following step is to login, in order to access your personal area (“my account“), your control center. For this, use the faster available route in the menu “NetAgora-Access“. Introduce your “username” and “password” and access all the advantages of the Agora.

My account...

Once the signing-up and login have been done el login, you can get your personal area inside the Ágora at “my account“, that is available at the menu “NetAgora-My account“. Here you can participate in the Agora as a drop filling a glass, or as a wave filling a bottle.


In “my account”, you have an icon called “SUPPORT“, in the right upper part, from which you can access the support area”. In it, under the name of “tickets”, you can create a ticket for any question: requests, questions, proposals, etc.

Personal area...

In your zone “my account“, there are two spaces: support, to launch “requests tickets”, and área personal, space in which you can see and update your data, create nodes, become a Sponsor&PartnAgora, join any of the Agora Commitees, sign-up at any of the Agora modalities, register your research or innovation group, make proposals, pay your registration, receive personalized information from the organization. What do you wish?


The menu “NetAgora-WinWinAgora” is the entrance door thought for the people, companies, institutions, organizations…interested in creating synergies from the Agora towards the society. At this space you can propose any colaboration with the Agora, explaining what the society and the promoter would win with it.


But there is more at the menu NetAgora: you have different resources such the Agora and the subsequent netwotk; you have the section Q&A with classical questions and answer that you may have in relation with the Agora; you have news related to the Agora and its scope in the society; and you have a contact form for general questions. Do you need anything more?

Info and ZonAgora menus

The first...

The first thing to do is to know what the Agora, its vision and scope are. In this way you will discover what this event could provide you at individual and social level. In this way, go to the menu InfoAgora to listen the welcome of the president to know why the Agora was born, what it is, when and where the first edition is celebrated, and where and how you can stay if you visit us.

The key is...

…to be a NODE. The first great benefit that Agora can provide is that it will be the key to the creation of nodes in the net Agora that will be operative 361 remaining days each two editions of the Agora. A neuronal net based in projects, not only regarding people, from which joint projects at international level can be launched. Do you want to be NODE?


Discover in the section InfoAgora-What…?Novelty, the decalogue of objetives aimed by the project Agora.


The I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus, it is much more, and divides its activities in spaces (ZonAgoras) in order to materialize all the scope of the event. Discover the spaces in which the Agora is divided in the menu ZonAgora-How?..spaces Agora..


In this section you can get information about how to be part of the Agora Committeess and who integrate them. You can join the team. Do you want to know how to do it? Access the menu ZonAgora-Who…?Commitees. We wait for you.

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A forum?...

The Agora is not only a conference, a forus or a multimeeting, it is much more, including two views usually attributed to this type of events: ForAgora y CongressAgora, that, due to their dimensions, have been treated in individual menus, in which you can find all the corresponding information at forum+multimeeting in the menu  ForAgora.

How to participate?...

If you wonder How to participate in the Agora? In the section ForAgora-Participate you can see the 3 simple steps to follow if you want to select the modality M1 AsistAgora, and in the section CongressAgora-Signing-up and registration if you choose the modality M2 CompletAgora. Besides, you can choose the modality M3 WinAgora with which you can propose things and Agora accepts.


At ForAgora-PresentAgora it is explained what the space PresentAgora and how to get a personalized invitation for it. Get more live info about the project Agora and the meaning of the Net Ágora. Do not miss it.

Form? Exper?...Agora

At the section FormAgora it is explained what is involved by the space FormAgora . At it, you can make the proposals you consider convenient. Do you want to be trained?

In the same way, at the section ExperAgora it is explained what is involved in the space ExperAgora from that section you can make the proposals you consider convenient for the Agora. Do you want to experience?


Do you want your Ideas to be a reality? Do you want to know the latest advances in Technology ? Do you want to discover and foster the R+D? Do you want to improve the Employability and/or the Employment? You have a section in each space where you can discover it and make proposals.

CongressAgora menu

A Conference?...

The CongressAgora is the space, inside the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment, aimed to gather all those works on education, research and employment, under the classic structure of a conference. Know more about the benefits associated to this modality at the section CongressAgora-BasicAgora.

How to participate?...

If you wonder how can I participate in the Agora? In the section CongressAgora-Signing-up and Registration you can see the 3 simple steps 3 to follow if choose the modality M2 CompletAgora needed to access to all the benefits and spreat your work in the Agora.


In the section CongressAgora-Participate you will find the answer to many frequent questions regarding the event and within in, the interesting things you can get from CongressAgora. And this is only the beginning…

Submission of works?

In the section CongressAgora-Communications you will find all the information you need regarding the form in which your works have to be submitted, instructions, templates, deadlines, blind peer review, poster printing service, etc. It is just a question of choosing according to your preferences!


In the menu CongressAgora you will also find important questions such as key dates to consider in relation to the submission of works and revisions, topics, the latests and, the most important news and published material,… all intended minimize any question you may have.

Program and Sponsor&PartnAgora menus

Day by day?...

In the section ProgramAgora-Calendar you will find, as the event approaches, the programme scheduled for each event day, in such as way that you will configurate your timetable according to your preferences, taking the best of the event. In ProgramAgora-parallel activities you will find additional activities planned in accordance to the context Agora.


The Agora is an event of and for people. In the sections ProgramAgora-ForAgora and ProgramAgora-CongressAgora, you can, as the event approaches, the magnific speakers will show us, teach us, dazzle us,… do not forget it, you will not forget them.


Within the possibility M3 WinAgora, the Ágora offers many participation possibilities. Four of them are available at the section Sponsor&PartnAgora-BasicAgora these modalities will allow you to increase your visibility in different platforms (virtual and physical), that will be visited by a great number of people related to education, research and comployment/companies in an international context. Do we Winwin Agora?

Sponsor or Partner?...

Two of the WIN-WIN modalities available at the Agora allow you to get maximun benefits associated to this modality. You the information available and see how your company/institution will improve its visibility in the sections: Sponsor&PartnAgora-SponsorAgora y  Sponsor&PartnAgora-PartnerAgora. However, if you have any personal suggestion or requirement, let us know.

EventSupporter or MediaPartner?...

Two of the WIN-WIN modalities available at the Agora, allow obtaining many benefits with the minimum cost. You can check the information needed and see how your company/institution will improve its visibility in the sections: Sponsor&PartnAgora-EventSupporters y  Sponsor&PartnAgora-MediaPartners. However, if you have any personal suggestion or requirement, let us know.

How signing-up?

How to access your PERSONAL AREA?

How to access your SUPPORT AREA?

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September 2018

Discover from this date all the information about the I International Ágora on Education, Research and Employment: What is Agora?, why is it so interesting?, how to participate?,… in

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18 September 2018

From this date on, the inscriptions on the I International Ágora on Educación, Reseacrh and Employment will be opened. The authors can participate on any of the three modalities, taking advantage of their features, according to their proffesional or personal aims.


AGORA 2019

This is the opening date, in Badajoz (Spain), of the I International Ágora on Education, Research and Employment. The attendants can participate to the different activities planned in the event, ZonAgoras.

Talking about competences

Talking about competences


“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Nelson Mandela.

“Exams are not longer useful, they are a threat”

Sugatra Mitra. Premio TED Prize 2013.

“Most of the world Universities are going to dissapear”

David Roberts. Singularity University, Silicon Valley.

“Education is the key tool to face future challenges. The economies of the future will be based onthe knowledge. That is why we must help people to take profit from the wave of changes and providethe skills they need for century XXI new jobs”

Michael E. Hansen. Chief Executive Officer, Cengage Learning.

“The current model of teacher training is ancient; what children need to learn at school is not reduced to the knowledge that teachers have cummulated during years”

Mariano Fernández Enguita. Universidad Complutense Madrid.

“Cuando el ritmo de cambios dentro de la empresa es superado por el ritmo de cambios fuera, el final está cerca”

Jack Welch. General Electric.

“El error más grande de siglos pasados en la enseñanza ha sido tratar a todos los estudiantes como si fueran variantes de un mismo individuo y así sentirse justificados al enseñarles las mismas materias de la misma manera”

Howard Gardner. Universidad de Harvard.

“We have students from XXI century, teachers from XX century and programmes from XIX century”

Fernando Filgueira. Socio Fundacional EdUy21.

) “The good news is that, using the same resources than the surrounding schools, thay have eliminates school failure and achieve the sucess of all their students regardless their origin”

Alfredo Hernando Calvo. Viaje a la escuela del siglo XXI.

“The design of my future ideal school is based on two hypothesys: the first one is that not everybody have the same interests and skills, not all of us learn in the same way. The second hypothesys can hurt: it concludes that nowadays nobody can learn all that can be learnt”

Howard Gardner. Universidad de Harvard.

“La investigation, the search, the research, they all are part of the nature of the teaching practice. It is needed that the teacher, in its permanent training , perceives himself as a teacher and as a researcher.”

Paulo Freire. Brasil.

“The organizations need a correct adjustement between their internal and external environment (Daft, R.,p.149). This involves the inclusion of new profiles, the creation of new work teams, the need of new competences and the existence of people with different levels of these competences, in order to be able to face the demands brought up by the changes”

Informe EPYCE 2017 “Posiciones y competencias más demandadas”. 2018

“The concern expressed by many sectors of the society about the inadequancy about the current skills of young people and the needs of the companies is legal. In the same way, there is also a worry a about the difficult transition between the school and proffesional activities, or between the emplyment and unemployment; it is therefore important to overcome these issues”

Dictamen del Comité Económico y Social Europeo. DOUE 12.11.2013.

“The european systems of education and training still have lacks when providing a preparation contributing to employability, and do not work properly with the enterprises or the employers in order to approach the learning experience to the reality of the proffesional environment. These failings on the aptitudes are a severe problem for the competitiviness of the european industry”

Un nuevo concepto de educación: invertir en las competencias para lograr mejores resultados socioeconómicos. COM(2012) 669. 20.11.2012.

“A standard of competence is the joint of the skills, abilities and aptitudes, that a person has to execute efficiently a professional activity”

Consejo Nacional de Normalización y Certificación de Competencias Laborales (CONOCER) de México.

“The competence-based approach is not a teaching methodology, but a way of organizing the training process in order to further make sense of it and to help the students understand why they have to learn specific contents”

Anastassis Kozanitis. Université de Montréal.

“The education along life requires mechanisms that allow continuous training and the concept “profesional competence approach” is enhancing a significant transformation in the way of conceiving education”

El enfoque de competencia laboral. Cinterfor/OIT.

“We live in a world globally conected and saturated of information. In order to thrive, our students need to learn inside and outside the school, both via on-site clases or online, in groups or independently. The students need learning experiences whereever they are; experiences that involve them, and allow them to improve at a rate that satisfies their individual needs and help them dominate their skills both for present and future situations. The teachers need the feedback and the oportunities of profesional growth needed to help their students to have success, instead of general current solutions that do not help them grow as professionals”

Bill Gates.

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