José Luis Canito Lobo

President of the Organizing comittee


The education is not workingthe research lacks opportunitiesthe employment is very difficult, …

I would like to change the way of teachingI would like to spread out my research, I need my employees to improve their competences, …


The previous negative sentences are probably familiar to you and, very likelyyour perspectives of change and improvement are in line with the second one. 

From the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Extremadura, that I have the honour to represent, arises the desire to take part on the 1st  edition of the International Ágora on Education, Research and Employment. The Agora is conceived as a NEW SPACE, created from the summation of a Conference plus a Multimeeting forus, were problems and solutions related to the competence-based approach will be addressed, both at educational and professional levels, particularly focused on the Europe-Latin America axis and covering all areas of Education, Research and Employment. 

It is not a traditional eventand is not designed to reach a specific collectiveIt is rather conceived as a SOCIAL event, inclusive and opened to the society; to all people thinking that a change is needed and the improvement of education, research and employment is a basis for that.

In this line, the slogan supporting this first edition is, precisely

Let´s talk about Competences

…this meeting forus and conexion space is launched as Internacional Ágora. The Agora will integrate educational/formative levels previous to the University, the University and the socio-professional environment of the graduates in order to facilitate their competence-based achievements in a world context based on competences.

This first editionwhich will take place in Badajoz during the days 10 to 13 September 2019, will mean a challenge for all society in which, firstly, show the state of art on the competence-based approach that will allow all the interested agents to update their knowledge (TO KNOWon the state of the competence-based models and how they reached the current point. Secondlyto describe the most highlighting experiences (KNOW HOW TO DOcarried out in each of the tems of the modelestrategiestools, techniques, evaluations, etc.; in order to, finallydiscuss on the actions and joint problems to accomplishin the search of particular goals that help the establishment of a competence-based model, maximizing its benefits with the least costcreating a collaborative network (KNOW HOW TO BE).

I would like to highlight that this event is not a Conference (although it integrates it); it has a higher scopesince it connects the usual actions of the Conferences, with a Multimeeting space in which the interconexions of different educational levels and social and economic demands will be created. All society will have their place at the event: parents, teachers, students, researchers, employers, organizations, foundations, platforms, …  

It will not be celebrated in a unique space; instead, there will be several places, corresponding to different educational levels and social representation, although, in specific moments there will only be a celebration space. We want to emphasize that these levels have to be connected and coordinated.

Participating in this edition of the Ágora is a unique opportunity to be located in the first stages of the current knowledge on the different educational levels and to take part on decisions, that will definitely influence the trend of competence-based education, if we want to train professionals with skills in different ambits.

The technical programme of the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment will be complemented with a wide and diverse cultural programme for all the participants, in such a way that during your visit you can travel in time, enjoying a programme of experiences that will take you to feel ancient traditions and cultures roman, medieval, arabian, portuguese…that live together in our land and its nearness areas.  

For all this…

… and because there are not many occasions to visit such a charming city as ours is, where many different cultures have been present, in which to live unforgettable experiences, I encourage you to participate in this first edition of Agoralooking forward to meeting you in September 2019, in Badajoz. 

José Luis Canito Lobo

Headmaster in the organizing committee