How long will the Agora take? Will it be active later on?
Can I attend the event just in particular days? Can I choose the activities I want to take part in?

The I Agora will take place from the 10th to 13rd of september 2019; however, the Ágora is long-lasting, it does not end after the 4 central days of the event, and continues the following 361 days, by means of working actions and collaborative development initiatives, merged from a) the synergies created in the event, b) the projects resulting from the nodes, that will be adequately subjected to tracking, support and diffusion, from the Agora web site.


There are different participation modalitiesramified from two basic ones:


  1. Participation in Agora with submission of a contribution to CongressAgora (CompletAgora), and
  2. Participation in Agora without submission of a contribution (AsistAgora),


These two modalities will allow you configurate the days and the type of interaction you wish according to your preferences:


The virtual modality will allow you, in case you can not attend physically the event, enjoy equally the event.

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One detailed version of the agenda will be published in advance to the event, in the section ProgramAgora, and will follow next structure:


A detailed version of the conference agenda will be published in wide advance to the event celebration days, in the section ProgramAgora, although it will have the following general structure shown in the figure.


The first of the Agora days will be devoted to a topic that is common to the three scopes and dimensionsThe formation of the work teams for the multimeeting activities of days 3 and 4 will also take place this daysSinceas it can be seen in this website, there are different participation modalities in the Agora, all them will have their place the first day, owing to the integrating character of the event.


The second day, in turn, will be devoted to each dimension in a specific way, although in a common frame.


During days 3 and 4 other activities will be promoted, such as the workshops andspeciallymultimeeting activities through the different modalities of networking, in conjunction with training activities of each of the three ambits of the event. 


At the end of the 4th daythere will be a general closing and discussion forusthe learnt lessons will be described, the honours will the handed out to the best participations,  and the helm of II Agora will be given.


During the four days the Agora activities will be divideinto  spaces or areas of activities (ZonAgoras) scheduled along different times ranges.

The morning of the 1st day (10th September) the activity “PresentAgorawill take place, and will be open, with certain restrictions, to the general public. That is to saythe people registered at any of the modalities of the Agora and also some non-registered ones that have been previously “invited” will have the possibility to attend this activity. The invitation will be made by the Organizing Committee both directly or indirectly (prior inscription by means of a form and further confirmation of the organization).


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