What is the role of CongressAgora at the Agora?

The CongressAgora is an area inside the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment, aimed to take into consideration all works on education, research and employment, that the authors want to spread, under the structure of a classical conference.


Its main objetive is to contribute to the diffusion and interchange of knowledge; the different ambits of knowledge that can result from experimences and proposals carried out by teachers and/or students from any educational stage and knowledge área, researchers, employers…, or by any person that can contribute to: improve the quality of education or the research and favor employability, know and let know its experiences and ideas to others, provide new ideas, create collaborative sinergies, know and let know new technological tools and technological resources, etc.


In this way, this Agora area is considered as a conference inside the global context of the Ágora event, involving a reciprocate improvement for the attendants of the ForAgora and the CongressAgora, since advantage will be taken from the traditional benefits of both events.


To participate in the CongressAgora, you must chose the Agora participation modality named M2. CompletAgora, and chose one of the submodalities M2a. Face-to-face or M2b. Virtual.


This modality represents the most complete participation to the event, and is ideal for the people that expect more than seeing, investigating, exploring…and want to be a more active agent, and show their experiences and results, their work in the frame of innovation or research groups. In this way, this modality provide the following minimun benefits2:


  • All included in the modality face-to-face AsistAgora (M1a).
  • Possibility of submission of up to 2 communications per inscription to the CongressAgora.
  • Posibility of participating with a demostrative Workshop per inscription.
  • Possibility of presenting a research or innovation group, describing their results and what they can offer to other people, entities, companies and organisms.
  • Obtain the corresponding participation certificate: poster or oral communication to the conference, participation in Workshop, presentation of the R+D group, etc.
  • Posibility of publication of the work in the different planned diffusion actions: books, journals, etc., with different agreed entities.


In the section “the last”, you can find all the relevant information related to CongressAgora, with any last-minute information regarding your participation in the event, with the aim of improving your curricular recognition: agreements with journals for the publication of works, new actions increasing the success possibilities of collaborative projects…any initiative that can be fostered during the remaining 361 days of the I Agora.