What do I have to do to attend the CongressAgora?

The first step of the process to attend the event is to sign-up and register at the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment. Afterwards, you can make the payment of your inscription and submit your work by following the instructions given in the section Communications).


The process is therefore made by following three simple steps:


  1. Sign up: It can be done at any moment
  2. Registration: It can be done from the 30th January 2019. It requires previous Sign-up.
  3. Payment: It can be made from the 30th January 2019. It requires previous sign-up and registration


How can the SIGN UP be done?

  1. Sign up

All Agora participants, of any of the participation modalities available, must register at the general registration by clicking on the following link:

For all the modalities, you must to be filled the form available in “I want to Sign-UP at the Agora“, including the information through the different windows, in order to respect the current laws at this regard.

In this first phase, you will be asked for basic information that will allow you to get informed, not only of the event itself, but also about all the actions that can be derived from it and that can result in a benefit for you.


This step is previous to the submission of any further document, so it can be made at any moment o, and it is not necessary to do it at the same time that the attendant is registered at any other activity.


After filling it the form, you will obtain an identifier that will allow you to simplify the participation in other committees later on, or the coordination of nodes, ot other particular activities, etc.

How can I REGISTER in the CongressAgora?

2. Registration (available from 30/01/2019):


The registration in the CongressAgora is the step by which you show your interest in participating specifically in the modality M2. CompletAgora with the associated benefits. This step can only be done after Signing-up has been accomplished, as explained in the previous step.


You can make the registration at the CongressAgora from 30/01/2019, by selecting the modality 2 CompletAgora, and filling the corresponding form at the following link:


  • Modality 2 (M2): CompletAgora
    • Modality 2a (M2a): CompletAgora Face-to-face
    • Modality 2b (M2b): CompletAgora Virtual


For both submodalities, you must fill in the form, through the different information windows, in order to obey the current law.


The registration to CongressAgora can be completed at any time through the personal areal of the user (it is necessary to make to general signing-up).


In “Know more…” you will find more detailed information on the submodalities available for this participation modality.

The modalities M1 (AsistAgora) and M2 (CompletAgora) exclude each other; M2 is more complete than M1, and thus the former one involves the second one.


M3 (WinAgora) is compatible with both M1 and M2.

M2a CompletAgora


Price after 15/04/2019: +20%Price after 15/05/2019: +40%

According to the information described in the section ForAgora, this participation modality includes the following minimal benefits:

  • All included in the modality face-to-face AsistAgora (M1a).
  • Possibility of submission of up to 2 communications per registration to the CongressAgora.
  • Possibility of participating with a demostrative Workshop per inscription.
  • Possibility of presenting a research/innovation group, describing the results and what they can offer to other people, entities and organisms.
  • Participation certificate : poster/oral communication, participation in a Workshop, presentation of the R+D group, etc.
  • Possibility of publication of the work in different diffusion actions: books, journals, etc. Agreements with suitable entities are taking place at the moment.

M2b CompletAgora


Price after 15/04/2019: +20%Price after 15/05/2019: +40%

De acuerdo con lo definido en la sección ForAgora, esta modalidad de participación en el I Ágora contempla los beneficios mínimos siguientes:

  • Todo lo incluido en la modalidad AsistAgora virtual (M1b).
  • Posibilidad de enviar hasta 2 comunicaciones por inscripción al CongressAgora.
  • Posibilidad de participar virtualmente con un Workshop demostrativo experiencial por inscripción.
  • Posibilidad de presentar virtualmente un grupo de investigación o innovación, dando a conocer los resultados y lo que pueden ofrecer a terceras personas, entidades, empresas y organismos.
  • Obtener un reconocimiento mediante el correspondiente certificado de participación virtual: comunicación o ponencia a Congreso, participación en Workshop, presentación de grupo de I+D, etc.
  • Posibilidad de publicación del trabajo presentado en las diferentes acciones de difusión que se llevarán a cabo: libros, revistas, etc., con diferentes entidades con las que se hayan establecido acuerdos a tal fin. 

How can I make the PAYMENT of the inscription?

3. Payment (available from 30/01/2019):

1st STEP) Select the modality M2. CompletAgora and the preferred sub modality, among those shown in table 1, sand stablish a base BASE PRICE.


Take into account what is included in each modality and also the moment at which you make the payment.


It is strongly adviced to make the payment as soon as possible, first, because it formalizes the inscription allowing you to take advantage of all the advantages that Agora can offer with more time and, secondly, because you can have reduced prices.


Very important: The base price The price BASE corresponds to the moment at which the payment is made(date at the payment document), and not the moment at which the signing-up is made.

Table 1 Participation modalities. PRICE BASE

Modality Submodality BASE Price (€) before 15/04/2019 Increase on the BASE Price from 16/04/2019 a 15/05/2019 Increase on the BASE Price from 16/05/2019
CompletAGORA M2a. Face to face

M2b. Virtual

190 €

160 €

+ 20% + 40%

Important information: All the Face-to-face modalities include, in addition to the benefits specified for them in the section ForAgora: 


  • Basic documentation of the event.
  • Coffee, lunch and social events. 


All the virtual modalities include, in addition to the benefits specified for them in the section ForAgora: 


  • Basic virtual documentation of the event.

2nd STEP) . Add the applicable discounts among those described in table 2, and reduce the final price. 


Take into account that the base price applies on the base of table 1 at the moment at which the payment is made (date at the payment document), and not the moment at which the signing-up is made.


The different values of the table exclude each other, and the one involving, the biggest discount for the registered person will be applied.


Discounts lower than 25% in the Face-to-face modality, have associated a free ticket to the event GALA DINNER.

Table 2. Discounts

Concept Price including the discount % applied on the BASE of Table 1
Students 50 %
Groups of more than 5 students and/or a teacher registered in a NODE 60 %
3 or more registrations of integrants of a same NODE (company, research group, innovation group,…) 20 %
Coordinator of a NODE, members of Comitees 20 %
Member of a NODE 10 %
One day attendance 30 %

3rd STEP) Add the extras that can be applied among those shown in table 3 and, adjust the final price.


Take into account that the base price applies on the base of table 1 at the moment at which the payment is made, and not the moment at which the signing-up is made.


The different values of the table do not exclude each other, and have to be added to the final Price, after applying the discounts of table 2 confirmed on the corresponding base of table 1. 


Table 3. Extras

Concept Price in % or € in accordance to the extra to be applied on the BASE of Table 1 after including the discounts of Table 2
3rd and sucessive communications to the CongressAgora 20 %
Overpass the initial maximun number of authors in a Communication (4 authors) and not including the final maximun (7 authors) 20 %
Cancellation of the payment (once it has been done) and refund of the money (see the cancellation rules) 30 % [1]
Printing of the poster send by e-mail and arrangement of it at the event 30 €
Companion to the event [2] 40 %
Extra tickets extras (if available)

Gala dinner



45 €

30 €


You can make the payment of your registration at CongressAgora from 30/01/2019, it can be done by following the 3-step process described above, and making the registration from the form found at the following link:

[1] See cancelation rules at the end of this section.
[2] It does not include gala dinner, nor attendance certificate.

Can I see an example about how to determine the cost of the registration at the CongressAgora?

Imagine you want to attend the Agora and submit a communication to CongressAgora and take advantage of the visibility the event can provide to your work, by attending FACE TO FACE the event EVERYDAY.


In addition, you are member of a NODE coordinated by a parthner from your research or innovation group; 3 node parthners have formalized their registration asAsistAgora or CompletAgora. You are making the PhD (and have a certificate describing this situation). Finally, you want your communication to be a POSTER, and you want to have your poster printed and arranged from the Agora organization. You make the payment before 15/04/2019.


 With this information, the price of the resultant registration will be: 


  1. Selection of the base modality 


The adequate modality would be M2a, CompletAgora, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits associated to this modality.


When you chose the FACE-TO-FACE option and you make the payment (date of payment document) before 15/04/2019, you will have as base price the quantity of 190 €, as it is displayed in Table 1. 


  1. Application of discount on the base price:


According to the situation described, you can benefit from three discounts bonificaciones: 


  • 50 % because you are a PhD student.
  • 20 % because you have joined a NODE in which 3 or more integrants have registered and made the payment.
  • 10 % because you are member of a NODE. 


Since the discounts exclude each other the bigger discount, will be applied (that is to say, 50% corresponding to a PhD student) on BASE PRICE. Because this quantity is greater than 25%, the gala dinner would not be included, although the remaining social events are included. If you want you can get a ticket to the GALA DINNER.


The price, once the discount is applied, would be 95 €.


  1. Aplication of extras on the price at which the discounts have been applied:


 According to the information specified, you would have an extra: 


  • 30 € per printing and arrangement of the poster, avoiding its transfer from the origin. 


The final price of the registration, once the specified discounts and extras have been applied, would be of 125 €. The registration could then be made adding payment document as well as the needed acreditation (PhD student in this example).


What are the cancelation rules stablished by the Organization?

The cancellation of the registration, once the payment has been made, will involve, in any case and for any cause, a minimal penalty of 30% of the price paid in concept of management, as long as it made before 30/06/2019. 


From 01/07/2019 and until the event start, only the 25% of the event will be refunded. 


Once the event is started, no refund will be made.

Simulación coste inscripción AGORA'19

Documento de simulación de: ():

Total a pagar:

Indicar email en el que recibir la simulación del cálculo de pago realizada. Por defecto se le remitirá al correo con el que se realizó el registro. Para formalizar la inscripción real acceda a la pestaña "Pagos" de su área personal desde el acceso a "mi cuenta" en menú NetAgora