What basic questions should I know about my participation in CongressAgora?

In the CongressAgora, within the frame of the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment, there are 2 registration submodalities available in the modality M2. CompletAgora, in the section signing-up and registration of the Web.

1.- WHY should I PARTICIPATE at the CongressAgora?

The CongressAgora, in the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment is the space conceived to provide visibility towards the society, not only during the 4 central days of the event, but also during the remaining 361 days, until the II Agora. The event will therefore cover your theories, ideas, investigations, experiences,… and, definitely, any work with quality enough to be shared in the different areas in the scope the event  from its 3 dimensions (education, research and employment/companies) and ambits (preuniversitary, universitary and graduates).


On the other hand, all the authors of the communications sent to CongressAgora will obtain the various benefits, accordint to their participation modality (certifications, publications in books and/or journals, participation of joint projects…).

2.- Can I simply attend the Agora without submitting any communication?

The first and most simple way of participating, consists in attending the event. This means to attend plenary conferences, related to the reflexión and discussion about competences in the dimensions of education, research and employment/companies embraced by the Agora. This modality also allows the participation in discussion tables, communications made by the authors, the demostrative workshops, a los the coworking spaces planned to enhance the networking between NODES and the fostering of collaborative projects with other attendants. Finally, it will also provide access to the technology expositions made by our partners,… This modality, does not requires the submission of any specific work.


The aim of this modality is related to the competence aspect “to know”.


This first way of participating is available both through the options AsistAgora and CompletAgora.

3.- How can my work be presented?

The second way of participating consists in the submission of works in the form of communications to the CongressAgora.


The aim of this modality is related to the competence aspects “to know how to say” and “to know how to do”, and allows to share with the Agora community your work, theory, proposal or ideas. This option requires the registration in the modality CompletAgora. 


The works submitted must follow the requirements stablished in the section CongressAgora-Communications, and can be:


  1. Oral communications


An oral comunicación is a work that an author/authors submit to the CongressAgora, written in spanish, english or portuguese, with a maximun extensión of 12 A4pages, that will be orally presented at the event during 10-15 minuts.This option is associated to the face-to-face submodality.


  1. Poster communication


poster communication is a work that an author/authors submit to the CongressAgora, that is an “enlarged graphical representation containing the title, name of the authors, affiliations, and text/figures describing the project, research and experience …” [Guardiola (2002), 4], that is submitted for its exposition as poster during the duration of the event. This is compatible both with the face-to-face submodality as well as with the virtual one.


  1. Video communications and/or audio presentations


If you want to participate in the CongressAgora but you don´t have the possibility of attending the event, physically, the authors (or authors) can be registered in the virtual(*), submodality; for it, they have to present,  in addition to the written communication described in the previous modality 1 (for its inclusion in the corresponding publications), a video or audio presentation, allowing the exposition of their work. It requires the submission of the work via the virtual modality.


(*) The inscribed virtual authors will receive the book of abstracts and the remaining basic publications generated in the  CongressAgora, a participation certificate to the author and the invoice of the inscription costs, before getting the rest of benefits associated to this submodality.

4.- What are the workshops and the ChallengesAgora?

The third participation option, consists in making a workshop or demonstrative exhibiton. It would mainly be connected to the competence-based aspects “To know how to say” and “To know how to do”. This forms requires the inscription in the modality CompletAgora.


It consists in participating by imparting, individually or with more people, a workshop or a demonstrative exhibition of any theory, methodology, experience, simulation,…that he/she wants to share with the attendants. For it, the people interested must fill the corresponding form, proposing the workshop (title) and a brief description about what and how it would be made, as well as the resources needed.


A reduced number of workshops will be selected by the organization.


Later on, the organization will get in contact with the authors of the selected workshops, to gather the needs they can have for their celebration and to give them the model to be filled for the complete definition of the workshop and then issue the corresponding certificate.


Different specific workshops have been planned; the attendants will have the opportunity of attending them through the registration modality AsistAgora as well as in the modality CompletAgora.


You must signing-up in Agora 2019

5.- What is the interest of being part of a NODE?

The forth form of participation consists in attending the spaces of collaborative work among the attendants to the Agora, that allow stablishing relations in order to develop joint projects in areas of interest, under collaborative models WIN-WIN. This aim would be mainly  related to the competence aspect “To know how to be”.


In the section of the web site of the I Agora on Education, Research and Employment/CompaniesInfoAgora-BasicAgora, the concept and benefits associated to be a NODE Agora are described.


In this section you can see that this will involve a series of oportunities of great interest for the remaining 361 days until the II Agora, in the sense that each NODE can be added to any collaborative project that, through the Net Agora, is presented by a node or by the Agora organization that is in its field of interest.


For it, the people interested must register by filling suitable forma; the organization will stablish shoet duration work spaces in which it will join the coordinators of the NODES of interest, with the aim of promoting the development of joint projects, related to the topics of interest, from the event.


This works will follow a previous working schedule optimizing the meeting time, designed following the model WIN-WIN, which will be sent in advance to all the people registered attendants interested in participating in these collaborative spaces.


You can attend this type of meetings or propose specific ones by means of the following form, available at this web site. indicating the areas and topics of interest for the inclusion in the activity.


This will allow to increase the net of contacts or networking of the attendant from the event. It is a strong proposal, and an idea for future editions of the event, that the results and advances of the joint projects are spread in order to increase its visibility.


This participation modality is accesible at the section AsistAgora and CompletAgora, although those registered in the second will have preference over the first one in case the slots are limited.


You must signing-up in Agora 2019

6.- What are the benefits associated to CongressAgora?

By your participation in the CongressAgora, within the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment, you can obtain the following minimal benefits (this list can be extended as the organization gets more benefits for the attendants, since it is carrying out actions to make the number of benefits greater):


  • Possibility of attending all the activities planned in the different spaces ZonAgoras: from the attendance of the conferences and the presentation of communications at the CongressAgora, to the demostrative activities of ExperAgora, discussion tables, demostrations of IdeAgora, the presentations of materials and resources of all the spaces, interaction with research or innovations groups in I+DAgora,… and definitively, all offered by the Agora.
  • Participation in the different meetings that will be promoted at the Agora, from which joint actions will be carried out in the inmediate future, fostering the personal networking.
  • Participation in the ludic actions planned by the organizations as space CulturAgora, enjoying the experiences in an idilic area like the region, Extremadura, where the I Agora is celebrated.
  • Participar en las acciones lúdicas previstas por la organización como espacio CulturAgora, disfrutando de las experiencias proyectadas en un entorno ideal como el que se encontrarán en la región donde se celebra el I Ágora.
  • Attendance certificate.
  • Possibility of joining “nodes” Agora resulting from the sucessive editions of the event and integration in the net Agora.
  • Possibility of submission of 2 communications per inscription to CongressAgora.
  • Possibility of participation with a demostrative Workshop per inscription.
  • Possibility of presenting a research or innovation group, showing your results and what offer to other people, entities, companies and organisms.
  • Corresponding participation certificate: poster or oral communicación, participation in Workshops, presentation of a R+D group, etc.
  • Possibility of publication of the work presented through different diffusion actions: books, journals, etc., with different agreed entities.  


Depending on the selected submodality (face-to-facel/virtual) and the presentation format, some of these benefits can be limited, as it is shown in the following table:


Benefit Face-to-face Oral Face-to-face Poster Virtual Poster Virtual Video[1]
Attendance certificate YES YES NO NO
Oral Communication certificate YES NO NO YES
Poster Communication certificate NO YES (submitted in pdf) YES (submitted in pdf) NO
Book of works with ISBN YES YES YES YES
Book of abstracts with ISBN YES NO NO YES
Other publications YES NO NO YES
Possibility of publication in journals YES NO NO YES
Material and gifts planned by the evento YES YES NO NO
Access to documents generated during the event YES YES YES YES

[1] The previous submission of the complete written communication is required.