The I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus or a multimeeting, it is more than that, and divides its activities in 8 spaces (ZonAgoras) by which it is intended to materialize the event scope.


The activities that will be developped in these 8 spaces will be classified as two types of events: ForAgora and CongressAgora that, due to their dimensión, have been included in an individual menu in the web, this being the one corresponding to forum+multimeeting approach represented by ForAgora.

What participation modalities are available at the Agora?

There are three  modalities available for attendance/participation in the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment: 


  1. AsistAgora.
  2. CompletAgora.
  3. WinAgora.


The first one, AsistAgora, is conceived as a less active form of participation for the attendant, as compared to the CompletAgora.


Independently of the fact that the attendant is an individual person, or a person in representation of a company, institution, organism, this participation modality will allow to attend the event during the 4 face-to-face days to see, explore, observe, learn…


The second modality, CompletAgora, is conceived as a more active form of participation, for the attendant, as compared to the AsistAgora.


In this way, the individual person, or a person in representation of a company, institution or organism, will have the possibility of presenting its work (as a communication, poster, video…), product, idea, technology, project, etc., obtaining an acknowledgement for that.


The third yand widest way of participation, WinAgora has been designed with the filosophy WIN-WIN, and will allow to the attendant,…, to only to attend the event during the 4 days, but also to participate on a totally adaptable space with the Agora organization, where you will get shared benefits between both parts and/or with the rest of the participant nodes in the net.


In order to get the best from this modality, appart from participating on all the collaboration activities already scheduled, we invite you to submit your proposals or suggestions throught the following form.

Some examples of WIN-WIN possible collaborations in this third modality, would be:

  1. Participation in the organizing committee (for following edicitons).
  2. Participation in the scientific-technical committee.
  3. Participation in the reviewing committee.
  4. Participation in the advisory committee asesor.
  5. Participation by proposing and coordinating as NODE.
  6. Participation as Sponsor.
  7. Participation as Partner.
  8. Participation as EventSupporter.
  9. Participation as MediaPartner.
  10. Participation by proposing an activity (conference, discussion tables, symposiyms, workshops, collaborative spaces, technological demonstrations,…).


You will find more information about these types of activities as well as the benefits associated in the following sections:

This represents the general participation of the event, and is ideal for a person aiming to see, know, explore, interact…but in a passive way, more recipient than active, including the following benefits1 : 


  • Attending all the activities planned in the different spaces ZonAgoras: from the attendance of the conferences and the presentation of communications at the CongressAgora, to the demostrative activities of ExperAgora, discussion tables, demostrations of IdeAgora, the presentations of materials and resources of all the spaces, interaction with research or innovations groups in I+DAgora,… and definitively all offered by the Agora.
  • Participation in the different meetings that will be promoted at the Agora, from which joint actions will be carried out in the inmediate future, fostering the personal networking..
  • Participation in the ludic actions planned by the organizations as space CulturAgora, enjoying the experiences in an idilic area like the region, Extremadura, where the I Agora is celebrated.
  • Attendance certificate.
  • Possibility of joining “nodes” Agora resulting from the sucessive editions of the event and integration in the net Ágora created.

[1] Some of these benefits are not available in the virtual submodality since being physically present is essential for them.

This modality corresponds to a more complete participation to the event, and is ideal for a person that does not only want to see, explore, know, interact,…but also wants to be a more active agent, that aims to let know and show his/her theories experiencrs, results… in relation to the scope of the Agora, or his/her work made in the frame of an innovation or research grupo,… including the following benefits1 : 


  • All included in the modality AsistAgora.
  • Possibility of submitting up to 2 comunmunications per registration to the CongressAgora.
  • Possibility of participating in a demonstrative Workshop.
  • Possibility of presenting research/innovation groups, describing their activity and their potential contributions to people, entities and organisms.
  • Obtaining theparticipation certificate: Congress communication, participation in a Workshop, presentation of R+D group, ect.
  • Posibility of publication of the work presented in different diffusion actions scheduled: books, journals, etc. The organization is currently dealing with different entities to make arrangements in this aspect. 

[1] Some of these benefits are not available in the virtual submodality since being physically present is essential for them.

The rest of participation modalities different from the previous two, are included under this denomination. This modality is ideal for a individual person, or a person in representation of a company, institution or organism, who will have the possibility of showing how they can contribuite to improve the context of education, research and employment in the society, showing how they carry out their performance in relation to the scope of the Agora, including the following benefits1 : 


  • Possibility showing your product, work, theories, results,… in the scope of the Agora.
  • Availability of aphysical space in the Agora to make demonstrations.
  • Possibility of improving your visibility, as company or product, by appearing in different spaces planned by the Agora (as this website) and also in the diffusion actions, previously, simultaneously and after the event (visit the section Sponsor&PartnAgora).
  • Possibility of improving the diffusion of your event collaborating as Agora EventSupporter in a Win-Win collaboration space defined with the organization.
  • Benefits derived from your participation as NODE in the net Agora created, allowing the oarticipation in the different projects fostered from it, in which your product can provide technology, know how, etc.