What is the scope of CulturAgora?

Do you want to discover an environment that will transfer you to different moments of the history?

Do you want to discover the gastronomical richness of this land?

Do you want to gather souvenirs that will never forget?


In the section ProgramAgora you can find, as the celebration date of the I Agora, approaches, the activities planned in detail for this space will help you enjoy the responses that the organization has prepared for these questions.


The section ZonAgora you can confirm the cultural, historical and social richness that you will find if you visit the charming land where the I Agora.


It is sure that you will not forget it, it is sure that you will remember it.

The I Internacional Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus, it is much more than that. Its different activities will be divided in spaces (ZonAgora) which will materialize all the event scope.


 In a first approximation, we could say that Agora rises from the idea of joining two model events: one that is an evolution of the models “multimeeting-forus” (and will be called “ForAgora”), and another one, which is evolution of Conference-type events, and will be called “CongressAgora”.

The organization has found interesting that along the whole event and with the name “CulturAgora”, there is an space specially reserved for leisure and cultural activities with predominance of the dimensions TO KNOW HOW TO BE, since they contribute to initiate and improve the personal relations between the participants.


And this, in a land where so many villages have passed through, drawing a a very special history, culture and tradition, convert the idea of designing a diverse and wide cultural programme not only for the participants but also for the accompanying people. In this way, you will have the oportunity of travelling through time, enjoying a programme of experiences that can allow you to live the history, experiences, culture and traditions from roman, medieval, Arabian and Portuguese villages, as well as Extremadura ones.


 These activities might be included in this space: 


  • Coffee, lunches and gala dinner
  • Cultural events,
  • Spectacles


In this way, this fifth space  ZonAgora will specially allow to enjoy the environment where the Agora is celebrated, in such a way that we do not only achieve the goal we had planned in the Agora, but also enjoy the way taking to that goal.


 This space and the activities conforming it are included in any of the registration modalities of Agora. Some of these activities will require any extra tickets from those available in ForAgora…PARTICIPATE.