What is the scope of the EmplAgora?

Do you want to knwo how the recruitment processes work, currently?

Do you want training on the use of tools and techniques to improve competences?

Do you want to know what skills are actually demanded?

Do you want to know what employability programmes are at your reach?

Do you want to improve your networking? 


In the section ProgramAgora  you will find, as the Agora date get closer, a detailed description of the activities scheduled for this space.


If you want to find the answer to these questions or think that you can offer or demand any activity in this space you can do it by using the next general form:


You must signing-up in Agora 2019

The I Internacional Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus, it is much more than that. Its different activities will be divided in spaces (ZonAgora) which will materialize all the event scope. 


In a first approximation, we could say that Agora rises from the idea of joining two model events: one that is an evolution of the models “multimeeting-forus” (and will be called “ForAgora”), and another one, which is evolution of Conference-type events, and will be called “CongressAgora”. 


The Organizing Comitee, since it is one of the main objetives of the Project Agora, finds essential that along the whole event and under the name of “EmplAgora”, there is a space especially devoted to show how to act to improve the employability of people.


In this space, for example, and among other activities, all those demostrative formative actions targeted to orientate the profesional career and the profesional performance, and staff selection processes, networking for employment improvement or those aimed to colectives of difficult employability. 


In this space, for instance, the following activities would be included: 


  • Demostrations of staff recruiting processes, based on competences.
  • Formation of networking,
  • Coworking spaces,
  • Working initiatives,
  • Mentoring/coaching activities,
  • “Soft skills” workshops,
  • “Elevator pitch” activities,
  • Discussion tables…


In this way, this eighth and last space  ZonAgora will make possible to show paths and tools to improve the employability of people, with the focus on their skill performance, at the same time that it facilitates the information needed on programmes of employability, and it enlarges its net of contacts (networking).


This space and the activities conforming it are included in all the inscription modalities of the Agora.