What is the scope of the ExperAgora?


Are you interested in the experiences of other people regarding the ambits and dimensions of the Agora?

Do you want to show your experience or your learnt lessons?

Would you like to try out tools or resources to improve education, research or employment?

Would you like to learn about tools and resources to improve the teaching activities?

Are you thinking about taking advantage of the power of virtual teaching, or the 3D educational approach?…


In the section ProgramAgora  you will find, as the Agora date get closer, a detailed description of the activities scheduled for this space.


If you want to find the answer to these questions or think that you can offer or demand any activity in this space you can do it by using the next general form:


You must signing-up in Agora 2019

The I Internacional Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus, it is much more than that. Its different activities will be divided in spaces (ZonAgora) which will materialize all the event scope.


 In a first approximation, we could say that Agora rises from the idea of joining two model events: one that is an evolution of the models “multimeeting-forus” (and will be called “ForAgora”), and another one, which is evolution of Conference-type events, and will be called “CongressAgora”.


The organization has found interesting that along the whole event and with the name “ExperAgora”, the attendants can be involved on the experiences that other people have already had in the ambits and dimensions of the Agora, and in this way, many experience-oriented activities have been designed, framed in the ambits of TO KNOW WHAT TO SAY and TO KNOW TO DO. For instance, the following activities would be included in this area: 


  • Activities of CongressAgora,
  • Symposiums,
  • Demonstrative workshops,
  • Speakers with innovative demonstrations
  • Colaborative learning workshops,
  • Discussion meetings,
  • Agora challenges…


In this way, this third space, ZonAgora will allow you to investigate about experiences and learnt lessons of other people.