What does the space I+DAgora comprise?

Do you want to show what your research/innovation group makes and can offer?

Do you want to know the work of other
research/innovation groups to participate of the transfer of knowledge?

Do you want to spread out programmes fostering R+D?…

Do you improve your I+D program?…


In the section ProgramAgora you will find, as the celebration of the I Agora, gets closer, the activities planned in details for this space, that will help you find the responses to these questions.


On the other hand, if you find convenient to offer or demand any activity for this space you can do it through the following general form:


You need to be registered in the Agora 2019 if you want to make proposals.


You must signing-up in Agora 2019

As you can see in other sections of this web, the I International Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a Conference or a forus, it is much more than that, and divides its activities in spaces (ZonAgoras) aimed to materialize the scope of the event..


In a first approximation, as indicated, the essence of the Agora emerges from joining two model events: one that is the evolution of the multimeeting forums that we have called “ForAgora” and another one, evolution of congress-like events, that we name “CongressAgora”.


The organization has found interesting that along the whole event and under the name “I+DAgora”, there is an space specially devoted to show how the research can be the engine of change of the society..


This space could include, for example and among other activities, all demostrative activities about the advances reached by the innovation/research groups, showing what is being investigated and the state of art as, for example:


  • The expositions of R+D groups,
  • The exposition of innovation groups,
  • The presentations of R+D programmes,
  • The CongressAgora,
  • the discussion tables… 


In this way, this seventh space ZonAgora will make specially possible to show how the different research/innovation groups are working, what they can offer, their results, and projects/programmes currently under operation, or that can be initiated, in relation to the promotion of R+D as social engine. 


This space and the activities conforming it are included in any of the Agora registration modalities available.