What is the scope of PresentAgora?

The Organizing Comitee has found interesting that the first day, the 10th September the event is started with the activity called “PresentAgora”, which will be opened for all public, in general. This means that both the people registered at the event can attend this activity as well as other non-registered people that were invited by the organization (directly, or by previous enrollment by means of the correspondent form, with subsequent confirmation by the event organization).


La organización le confirmará si su solicitud ha entrado dentro de las plazas disponibles, remitiéndole la correspondiente invitación con la que podrá acceder al espacio PresentAgora.

The I Internacional Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus, it is much more than that. Its different activities will be divided in spaces (ZonAgoras) which will materialize all the event scope.


In a first approximation, we could say that Agora rises from the idea of joining two model events: one that is an evolution of the models “multimeeting-forus” (and will be called “ForAgora” ), and another one, which is evolution of Conference-type events, and will be called “CongressAgora”.


In this way, this first space PresentAgora, will allow to show to the Society aspects  that are considered as essential for the reach and vision  associated to this colaborative and social event. The three Agora ambits will be described so that the attendants will have the possibility of choosing activities of special relevance and significance according to their interests.

Since the availability of these spaces is limited, you can now ask for your invitation to this activity, as soon as you have a clear idea about your planned activity and time slot.


Ask for a personal invitation to the PresentAgora by means of next form, provided you do not consider to register in any of the Agora modalities.


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