This web section is conceived to summarize all the sections of the Agora including significant dates, and to show the program as activities and attendants are confirmed. For this reason it is recommended to check it from time to time, specially as the event approaches.


Sections especifically treated: 

  • Calendar will show the keydates that you need to take into account to participate in the Agora, not only in ForAgora but also in CongressAgora.
  • ForAgora will show the program of the different spaces of ZonAgora, and information regarding the different speakers participating in the activities of the Agora.
  • CongressAgora will show the program of the congress that will take place in paralel during the Agora, and information of the attendants and speakers, to increase their visibility
  • Parallel activities will show the program of parallel activities that will take place during the Agora, especially the cultural ones.