How can the SIGNING-UP be made?

All the Agora participants, in any of the participation modalities available, must register in the general signing-up by including the data indicated in the form.

In this first phase basic information will be asked in the order to create your personal area from which you will be informed, not only of the proper event, but of all the actions derived from it that will also be a benefit for you. This stage is previous to the submission of any subsequent document that might be required later; it can be at any moment, and does not need to be made simultaneously to the submission of other further specific information concerning the Agora modalities that can be of your interest.


After filling the form, you will get at identifier that will allow you to simplify the inclusion of data for the extension of the signing-up with other forms to be used to, for example, participate in determinate committees, coordinate a node, register for any particular activity, participate in projects of interest, access to your attendance certificate, etc.

General Signing-up Form

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