What does the concept ZonAgora represent?

In the menu ZonAgora you will find the answer to some aspects relative to the place, the spaces in which the I Internacional Agora on Education, Research and Employment, is divided, its enviroment and who make and will make possible all that will happen in these spaces.


The I Internation Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus; it is much more than that, and is divided in different areas and forus, and more than that, the activities are divided in spaces (ZonAgoras). The combination of all these activities will integrate the event reach.


In a first approximation, we could say that the essence of the Agora arises from the combination  two model events: one that is evolution of the multi-meeting forum models, which will be called  “ForAgora” and the evolution of other congress-type events, that are named “CongressAgora”.


The activities that will be developped in these 8 spaces will be classified as two types of events: ForAgora and CongressAgora, that, due to their dimension, have been included in an individual menu in the web.

In this way, if you simply need to get knowledge in knowing about the competence-based approach,… the Agora will help you to do it by means of, for example, spaces as FormAgora;


…if you have interest in showing how you work by competences, the Agora help you to do it, using spaces as the ExperAgora;


…if you have new ideas/theories that can contribute to improve the teaching-learning processes, the Agora will give you an scenario where you will present them by means of the IdeAgora or I+DAgora;


…if you need to train people in competences or is already doing it, the Agora will facilitate the links to achieve this goal in spaces as EmplAgora,… 


…and if you are interested in promoting joint projects or participating in other actions developed by other people, teams, institutions, companies…, you can create or be part of a NODE, by filling the form available in this section, once you make the corresponding signing-up from the section ForAgora…Participate, and…


…welcome!!! To this amazing project.


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