How is Agora structured?

The I Internation Agora on Education, Research and Employment is not only a conference or a forus; it is much more than that, and is divided in different areas and forus, and more than that, the activities are divided in spaces (ZonAgoras). The combination of all these activities will integrate the event reach.


 In a first approximation, we could say that the essence of the Agora arises from the combination  two model events: one that is evolution of the multi-meeting forum models, which will be called  “ForAgora” and the evolution of other congress-type events, that are named “CongressAgora”.

The Agora will therefore be developped in 8 specific spaces, zonAgoras, where different activities will be carried out depending on their dimensions or the field of the knowledge. Some of these activities are more typical of multimeeting events, and others more typical of a conference.


The wide variability of activities programmed at different time ranges will allow the attendants to have a buffet approach, with the guarantee of designing a complete programme based on their preferences and needs.