What is the main headquarters?

The information basic point the I Agora, and the place where most of the event expected activities will take, will be the UEX Industrial Engineering School. It is a teaching universitary Centre integrated in the University of Extremadura and located in Badajoz campus.


It was initially created as Universitary School of Technical Industrial Engineering by the Royal order 2526/1975 of 9 of october (BOE of 27 of october).


The new Degrees on Electrical, Electronics and Automatic, and Mechanics substituted the ancient courses on Industrial Technical Engineering.

In what other places will Agora take place?

Due to its integrated carácter and ambitious scope, the activities projected in the Agora will take place in different places. The main headquarter, the Industrial Engineering School, is simply the basic reference point, and several activities will take place on it.


 Appart from this location, other universitary or non-universitary centers related to education, research and employment, as well as social institutions will harbor Agora activities, specifically related to their scopes.


 Information on the places and spaces devoted to Agora will be shown here as soon as the programme is defined, closer to the event celebration. This information will definitely be available on the 01/06/2019.